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Experts in Labels, Barcode Printing and Barcode Verification
We will try to assist and answer all your label and Barcoding questions, as well as any queries about
our products and services.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you require advice about barcodes and/or
the labelling of your products or items.
1. Where do I get my Barcodes from for the Retail Sector?
To get your Barcode numbers for retail products you need to apply to GS1 South Africa, who issue all the numbers they can be contacted on 0861 242 000 or on
Once you have been issued with your numbers, we can print the barcode labels for you.
2, Do your barcodes comply with GS1 Standards and can you provide a Barcode Verification Report?
Yes, most certainly we have extensive experience in the barcode industry and we are a GS1 South Africa Accredited Alliance Partner.
We supply a Verification report with each barcode variant produced, ensuring compliance with the GS1 standards.
3. Can you assist in analysing my barcodes?
Absolutely, we provide a full evaluation service to assist you in printing barcodes that achieve the highest grade possible and ensuring GS1 compliance.
4. How do I know which material adheres the best?
We carry a wide range of materials with adhesives to suit various applications. We can provide samples for testing and advise you of the best label for your product.
5. What is the minimum quantity of labels that I can order?
All our labels are made to order - We can print 1 label up to millions you decide on the quantity and we will provide accordingly.
6. What information do you need to provide me with a quotation for labels?
You need to provide us with the following information:
7. How are your labels supplied?
We supply the labels in roll form, with your specific quantity per roll.
8. What type of printing do you do?
Our method of printing is Thermal Transfer and Digital Printing this means that there are no printing plates or minimum print run so it is a low cost solution. All designs and artwork are done in house and proofs are submitted before printing.
9. What is your lead time?
Generally we will supply your labels in 3-4 working days from date of approval this depends on the quantity required, but contact us if you have an urgent requirement and we will do our best to assist you.
10. Do you provide delivery?
We do a provide a delivery service throughout South Africa, through a number of courier services that we utilise please contact us for the best option.
11. Can you print colour labels?
We have invested in the latest Digital printing equipment which can produce striking full colour labels with small quantities and unlimited variants, at a market related cost. Digital printing is all computer based, which means no expensive ink costs or printing plates.
We can also assist in the design and layout of your labels.