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Experts in Labels, Barcode Printing and Barcode Verification
We provide various services to manufacturers who require Barcode Training on their Axicon Barcode Verifiers, this includes calibration.
Certificates are issued to ensure ISO/ANSI Compliance on the scanning equipment.
We provide Barcode Track and Trace Systems for warehouses and production lines.

Axicon Barcode Verifier Training

We can provide full training to existing and new operators on the Axicon Verifier and Axicon Software.
We will also assess your calibration card and confirm if your Verifier is compliant or in need of a factory re-calibration.
A new certificate is issued with this service.

Barcode Track and Trace Systems

We offer a complete Barcode Track and Trace system for your factory or production line that includes a database, printer and scanners that can be a Web Based Service for optimal support and service.

Barcode Consultation

We offer our services to help determine the best Barcoding system for your factory or warehouse. We have extensive knowledge in the industry and will assist in finding the right material and label for your application.
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Axicon Barcode Verification report