Barcode labels - Asset labels - Void labels - Tamper Evident labels - Shelving & Racking labels - Colour labels
Experts in Labels, Barcode Printing and Barcode Verification
We produce a wide variety of self adhesive labels to suit any application. Our equipment is capable of printing, die-cutting, laminating or varnishing in one pass. We have the latest label printing software which produces sequentially numbered labels and barcodes, Date/Batch Codes and Database information.

Retail Barcodes - Pack Labels & Outercase Labels

We can supply any label required for the retail sector - from the individual pack label which is a standard label size of 40 mm x 30 mm. This size allows for 1 or 2 lines of text (e.g. product description) and the EAN barcode which is GS1 compliant.
The outercase labels are supplied on a 90 mm x 50 mm or bigger and this can include various information such as the pack size, product description and codes.
All these barcodes are supplied with a Barcode Verification Report and are printed according to the GS1 Specifications.

Security and Tamper Evident Labels

There are a few choices that we offer for security labels or asset tracking. Void material is used by many clients looking for a cost effective solution - if the label is tampered with, a VOID message is left on the product and taken from the adhesive of the label.
We also supply Tamper Evident labels made from a destructible vinyl - these labels cannot be removed easily and "break up" or disintergrate into pieces if someone tries to remove or tamper with the label.
For additional security measures we can supply holographic labels that also have the same characterstics of the Void material.

Extreme Labels

Extreme measures call for Extreme materials - we have various materials that can withstand high temperatures up to 300 degrees C and then down to freezing temperatures of -20 degrees C.
We also supply oil resistant labels, chemical resistant labels and water proof labels.
Whatever the application - we can label it!

Asset & Product Labels

Full Colour Digital Labels

We have quite a few options for the labeling of Assets, albeit it Office Equipment such a computers, desks, etc. which can be Tamper Evident material or a long-life Metallised Polyester with a clear Over-laminate which protects the print and surface material.
If you require a sturdy label for factory assets, we can supply strong labels with an aggressive adhesive to ensure it withstands a harsh environment and still allow for future tracking.
Need Full Colour Labels? Small Quantity? Many Variants?
We can print them - with a minimal lead time and best of all....
Our state-of-the-art Digital Printing equipment can produce striking colour labels done all on computer, saving you money with no printing plate costs or expensive ink.
Our Digital printer is also capable of producing variable data
or sequential numbering on full colour labels.
We also supply Warning & Signage labels.
With over 30 years of experience in the labels and barcoding industry, we have the equipment to produce the best label for your needs.

Shelving & Racking Labels

We can supply various labels suitable for your shelving and racking requirements.
The labels are laminated for surface protection, with strong adhesive suitable for harsh warehouse environments.
We also produce labels onto plastic plates with high bond double sided tape.